Top 5 Tips For Buying Clothes Online Like A Pro

People today are now, living experience of shopping on the internet, especially when buying fashionable clothes is all about. A study was conducted by IDC at the request of paypal, in which respondents admitted that clothing is one of the top products purchased by people. The research also indicated that this segment is preferred by all ages, both X and Z generations.

Buying online clothes has various benefits like saving time and money, getting the outfit which really meets your expectations and for that perfect fashionable clothes you can visit for the latest collection of all kinds of clothes for women. Follow these five essential tips and you will become the most experienced online shopper.

Identify The Total Costs

Not all the glitters is gold, make sure that it’s incredibly cheap indeed what it is. Some online stores don’t include shipping prices at the first steps of the purchase, so be careful especially when buying abroad as some online shops do not itemize or charge import taxes, which we must pay on deliveries. Therefore, always check and investigate that the cost is complete and preferably buy from the stores that are known for their reliability and use secured payment methods.

Look at Delivery Times

This is important if the accessory or the garment that you wish to buy is intended for specific event like birthday or anniversary because some online stores have express shipment at a higher cost if you require item urgently. There are the cases in which shipment can take upto three months if you made purchase of a products that needs to be shipped across the world.

In many cases, they offer to pay online and pick up the product from the nearest physical store if you can’t wait for the delivery. For example, some stores offer click and collect service, where you can make the purchase online with advance payment and then go to the physical store with the receipt and collect the product.

Know Sizes

Measure your waist, hips, chest so that you have a reference to determine appropriate size of garment for that brand. This is essential because sometimes the clothes acquired in United States or Europe have too small or too big for Latin Americans, and there are clothes like underwears, bathing suits that cannot be returned due to hygiene reasons. Therefore, it’s worth taking time to compare sizes or consult in the forums from other buyers.

Protect Your Purchase

The Murphy’s Law applies to many moments in the life, and eCommerce is not exempt. Therefore, if the shirt came in different color or size, you as a customer has every right to ask for money back. And, remember to only make purchase from online store who offers money back and use secured payment methods for the security.

Pay Attention to The Fine Print

To reinforce the previous point, do not let enthusiasm to affect the transaction, if you wish to return the product and get a refund or change it. So, you must read carefully the trade policies of the online store before you make the payment.


If you have previously bought any products from other online stores, keep a running list of the brands and shops you shopped with, and make the notes of sizes you ordered and how they fit, this will make future purchases a lot easier.

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